Conquer The ‘Great Resignation’ And Win The Talent War With This 5 Step “Battle Plan”

Spenser Warren
7 min readNov 11, 2021
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A few weeks ago, I posited a question that every recruiting function and hiring manager needs to ask themselves.

The question was, “Can an essential marketing tactic help employers win the talent war?

If you haven’t read the piece, I’ll save you a bit of trouble. As a former Sr. HR Manager that regularly interfaced with recruiting and now specializes as a human-centered copywriter, I believe most companies can benefit from using an email autoresponder sequence to engage job candidates. But why should hiring managers and recruiters be thinking about this tactic?

After all, some business-savvy hiring manager might argue, setting up an email funnel for hiring employees doesn’t generate revenue, right?

So why take the time to set up a funnel with all the writing, research, tagging, and email automation setup?

I make this argument because if companies want any hope of achieving their revenue and impact goals, they need talented people in place to push for those goals. It’s one thing to have an innovative product or service that the market loves. But what makes the product or service better, what causes product improvements to happen, business plans to be set, and exceptional customer service and sales to be delivered?

The answer is and always has been: good people that know how to get the job done.

Your Company Isn’t The Only Game In Town

Though the Great Resignation is in full swing, at some point, many people that have left their companies will be back on the job market.

When they return to the workforce, they’ll likely have four or five (or even more) offers to choose from. After all, there are still far more job openings than unemployed workers available to fill them, per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Attracting these candidates’ attention and convincing them to work for your company simply takes more work than it used to.

Why not take a page out of marketing’s playbook and wow them from the very minute they apply for a job?

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