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  • Zone


    We write about customer experience, employee experience, design, content & technology to share our knowledge with the wider community.

  • Benjamin Davies

    Benjamin Davies

    UX, Product, Marketing and all spaces in between | Random thoughts and streams of consciousness powered by sugar | ☕️ and 🏳️‍🌈

  • Josep Ferrer

    Josep Ferrer

    Trying to find me. Still no idea where did I go. A little bit of everything but data science and engineering. Not an expert, but still trying! :D

  • Quovantis


    We help leading product companies and innovative startups build delightful digital experiences. medium.com/unboxing-product-management

  • Colin Rothamel

    Colin Rothamel

    Colin Rothamel never met a carb he didn’t like. When he’s not inhaling starches, he’s inhaling pop culture. Find him on Instagram @colinrothamel

  • Andy Welfle

    Andy Welfle

    Red hot like pizza supper. UX content strategist at Adobe. Obsessed with wooden pencils. Millennial nuisance. http://andy.wtf

  • Andrew Astleford

    Andrew Astleford

    Atlanta-based content strategist. UX writer. Video maker. Lover of commas and keyframes.

  • Katrin Suetterlin

    Katrin Suetterlin

    SR. UX Content Architect at wefox, Berlin 🦊 building bridges, burning silos for inclusivity and accessibility 🌿

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