Learning UX Writing Through Daily UX Writing’s 15 Day Challenge: Day 1

Because writing shorter copy is sometimes better

Spenser Warren
3 min readNov 12, 2021


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I recently came across the interesting field of UX Writing through the UX Writing Hub and other cool articles about UX while researching human-centered design.

Since I’ve recently started writing about the importance of what I’m calling “human-centered messaging,” I figured what better way to improve how I help organizations create these messages than learn the emerging skill of UX Writing. The simplest way I can explain UX writing based on what I’ve uncovered so far is that it is writing that is usable, useful, accessible, and clear for the end user. For a more comprehensive understanding of what UX writing is, check out this guide.

As part of my UX writing learning journey, I’m participating in Daily UX Writing’s 15 day UX writing challenge!

When you sign up for their email list, you receive a daily email with a short prompt on a common scenario a UX writer might encounter.

The goal is to write usable, accessible copy for an imagined end user in under 10 minutes using the word constraints for the headline, body, and button copy outlined in the email prompt. Since I have a tendency to get wordy with my copy, this is an excellent challenge for me to write meaningful copy with fewer words. After all, the goal with UX copy is to get the user back to a happy place as soon as possible (i.e. able to use the website or app effectively) instead of making a sales argument for why they should purchase something.

Without further ado, here’s the Day 1 prompt and my attempt at usable UX copy.

Since I’m brand new to UX writing, I’d appreciate any and all feedback!

Daily UX Writing’s Writing Challenge Prompt: Day 1
Daily UX Writing’s Day 1 Writing Challenge Prompt. Image is a screenshot provided by the author.

The Copy

Headline: We’re Sorry: Your Flight Has Been Canceled

Body: Due to inclement weather in the area, we regret to inform you that your flight has been canceled. See rebooking options, hotels, and ground transportation services in our app.



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